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NetTALK is a company that offers affordable home phone service.

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NetTALK is a company that offers affordable home phone service through the state of the art innovation of using your internet connection. NetTALK is one of many VOIP or voice over internet protocol service providers. In order to subscribe to netTALK you must have high speed internet service and a traditional phone whether it is corded or cordless. The service comes with the benefit of no contract, no monthly bills and you donít have to use a computer as long as your router is working.

The netTALK DUIO service is a very flexible option. It allows you to connect directly to your computer or internet connection so youíre not forced to rely solely on your computer for phone service. Some of the features included with netTALK are free calling throughout the U.S. and Canada, free calling worldwide when calling another netTALK device and low international calling rates. The rates for this service are considerably less expensive than service you might receive with a traditional phone service provider. The service also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. All of the features you enjoy with your current service are available through netTALK at a fraction of the cost. Those with the netTALK service can also enjoy live tech support.


- Live tech support
- No long-term contract required
- Several features available
- Deeply discounted compared to traditional phone service
- Computer not required
- Free calls to the U.S. and Canada
- Connects through your router or computer
- Money back guarantee


- Must pay for an entire year at once
- No phone service if internet goes out


netTALKís DUO is the program that is available. The cost of this program is $69.95 for the first year and $29.95/yr. for each year following the first year. That includes unlimited calls made throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can also make calls internationally to other netTALK devices. International calls to non- netTALK devices will incur additional charges based on the country called and how long the call was.


- Free local and long distance to U.S. and Canada
- Free calls to any other DUO worldwide
- Free U.S. phone number
- Voicemail to email
- Free 411 directory assistance
- Enhanced 911 service
- Caller ID
- Three way calling
- Free call waiting
- Call forwarding
- Online customer account management application
- Live tech support 7 days per week
- Low-cost international calling rates


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Review Comments

ADMIN:  Thanks Chris we just fixed the broken link! - ADMIN
posted on Monday, April 16, 2012

chris:  clicking here only gives a blank page so what are you offering here
posted on Saturday, April 14, 2012

Val:  I got one the last week. The unit looks good and all connecting hardware were there. Unfortunately the service is …….. that bad. First it took 20 min on Friday to get to the technical service (I was #10 on the list). After a 30 min of powering unit ON+OFF we got some progress and the phone line gets to some kind of connection. I called to disconnect my line phone provider and as soon as the main line was disconnected the DUO stop working. From 9:30am till 1:20pm we are (tech & I)trying to troubleshoot and finally the technician get the verdict – the unit is not good and I have to ship it back and after two weeks of waiting try to purchase another hopefully working unit. To call managers to resolve this time wasted option I have to go back on line to technical services and that time I was #25!!!! It may be that it is unfortunate event, on the other hand poor knowledge of their tech service and hiding management behind long waiting line of tech services speaks volumes about the company.
posted on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hollyecho Montgomery:  Pros - inexpensive, plugs into your router, not comptuer Cons - MDTF (dial tones), thoughout your conversation, broken conversations, and when something does go bad, you have over an hour to two hour on hold time, with the obnoxious voice droning over and over again the hours of operations. This alone is enough to not buy this product. When it is not fixable and you have to wait for an replacement takes over a week to deliver, so no phone while you wait.
posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

jkfair:  Netalk is superior product. Beware of magic's hidden term that you can loose service if inactive for 90 day period for either 1 year or 5 year plan. They do not give credit if you loose service.
posted on Saturday, June 18, 2011

jbw:  Nettalk, since the device does not require you to leave your computer on to use it, for many 24/7 to be able to receive calls all the time.
posted on Thursday, April 14, 2011

tokyo453:  I use skype and i have used magic jack. i think they are all viable options. you get what you pay for.
posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

tony:  Which is better nettalk or magic jack?
posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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