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Offering You More, Connecting You For Less

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babyTEL offers affordability and portability by providing VOIP services that can be accessed anywhere there is a high speed connection or WiFi hotspot. Its Facebook interactive capability is an innovation offered solely through babyTEL.

babyTEL's feature-rich content enables you to check voicemail through email, provides unified messaging and offers online management tools.

- Portability
- Web-based control
- WiFi compatability
- Feature-rich packages
- Email voice messaging
- Choose area code
- Facebook functionality

- None to speak of

- Phone adaptor equipment can be rented or purchased
- Service rebates offset purchase price of equipment
- Wireless adaptor boxes available
- Attractive softphone

Competitively priced, babyTEL’s service plans range from Pay-as-you-Go to unlimited Small Business plans.

- Pay-as-you-go for $9.95 per month and 3 cents per minute
- 500 minutes, U.S. and Canada, $12.95 per month
- Unlimited, U.S. and Canada, $21.95 per month
- 1500 minutes Small Business, $32.95 per month and 3 cents per minute
- Unlimited Small Business, $42.95 per month


babyTEL offers dozens of popular features that you've come to rely on from a phone provider, plus some that will enhance the the usability common with VoIP.

Some of these include
- Call waiting
- Caller ID
- Call hold
- Call forwarding
- Call return
- Conference calling
- Voicemail
- Voice/fax-to-email
- Virtual phone number
- Softphone
- Online account management

babyTEL offers an attractive array of features and innovations.  Its WiFi capabilities are highly sought after and pricing is competitive. For those who do not wish to purchase an adaptor box, their equipment rental program is extremely affordable. babyTEL is a viable VOIP product, worthy of consideration.

Common Misspellings
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Stephanie:  BabyTel's facebook capabilities are why I choose them. I'm addicted to facebook, so It makes since for me. Does anyone else feel the same way?
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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