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Verizon VoiceWing

Verizon VoiceWing

Call nationwide for $24.95/mo.

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Because of its highly recognizable name, Verizon’s emergence as a VoIP provider promises to up the ante. Having built a well-established reputation for providing reliable wireless service, Verizon VoiceWing should carry some weight as a VoIP provider. For one thing, Verizon is now offering ISP service and, although it is not yet available in all areas, the FiOS system it is introducing will bring fiber optics connections to the homeowner and make VoIP even more accessible. 

Verizon VoiceWing promises to be highly competitive, and not just because of price. They will offer U.S. residential plans in per-minute, unlimited U.S. and multiple- line packages. Equipment is included.

- Verizon, as a company is constantly breaking into new arenas, examining the offerings from its competitors and making a concerted effort to bring a valuable package to its customers
- Verizon VoiceWing is a satisfactory VoIP provider
- Established, recognized brand
- Competitive features, benefits and pricing
- Business solutions

- Doesn't always act on customer requests and needs
- Verizon brand linked with negative BBB feedback
- Lose service if there is a power outage
- High speed Internet connection required

Calling Plans & Expense
- 500 minute plan is $19.95
- Unlimited is $24.95
- Multiple home-lines (up to two) is $44.95 per month
- Set-up fee of $19.95 is waived when ordering online
- International rates fluctuate according to market and are listed per country, on the website
- Business plans vary according to size of the business, and the desired features

Verizon is offering several bundled packages that include VoIP plus your choice of internet, digital television and/or wireless service.  These plans are priced competitively.

Verizon VoiceWing has many popular VoIP calling features, including:
- Voice messaging
- Caller ID
- Call waiting
- E911
- Program a back-up number where calls can be routed in case of a power outage
- Speed dialing
- Fax capability
- Do not disturb

The Internet interface is very attractive with a customized Personal Account Manager, which each user can operate from the Web site. Features include:
- Synchronizable address book
- Anonymous call rejection
- Call logs
- Call blocking capability
- Internet directory look-up
- Visual voice mail

Business Customers
Additionally, they have packages designed specifically for business. Their features are attractive and bring several innovations to the plate, including a personal on-site manager that stores addresses and can be synchronized with Outlook, Lotus Notes and Palm (4.0 or later). Verizon for Business offers iobi Professional, a communications tool that reaches employees in spite of their location, via text messages that alert their cell phone concerning incoming calls and voice mail messages.  In addition, it provides a professional on-line manager that effectively logs calls and manages addresses books, maps and calendars.

BBB report
It should be noted that Verizon is a large company with many devisions, so the BBB report could apply to a number of different Verizon entities, and not expressly Verizon VoiceWing. Verizon is listed under nine different divisions in the Northeast alone, with nine more on the West Coast. Of the 18 offices queried, one report was unavailable, 13 were unsatisfactorily rated, with between 200 to 500 complaints each during the past 36 months, and 4 sites were rated neither good nor bad, as the BBB did not have sufficient information to devise a standing.

Common Misspellings
Vorizon, Verizen, Virizen, Vorizen, Voice Wings, Voyce Wing

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Katherine:  I use Verizon for my cell phone, but is VoiceWing just as reliable?
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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