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Businesses can run their communication systems on a smarter platform.

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Fonality offers VoIP services for businesses using hosted PBX.

- Your four-digit extension follows you wherever you travel
- Save on long-distance with low-cost VoIP
- Telecommuter and mobile-worker friendly

- Family plan forces you to pay for two lines for service
- Price does not include state sales tax
- Additional $10 charged for shipping
- Additional charges apply for a second line
- International calling limited

All plans through Fonality are negotiated through a sales staff with different plans and packages customized for each customer.

You'll have access to dozens of the most necessary and innovative calling features available with your Fonality VoIP account. A sampling of what you can enjoy is as follows:
- Auto-Attendant (IVR)
- Outlook Integration
-Unlimited Extensions
- Voicemail: 600 hours
- Voicemail to Email
- Operator Panel (w/ BLF)
- Music-on-Hold
- Parking (drag & drop)
- Analog & IP Phones
- Ring-all (Blast Group)
- Call Forwarding
- Name Directory
- Web Control Panel  
- VoIP-ready (unlimited)  
- Conference Bridges  
- Intercom / Zone Intercom  
- Custom Caller-IDs
Common Misspellings:
Phonality, Phonaliti, Fonaliti

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Review Comments

Lucas:  Fonality has been a terrible Company to work with. After the 4 day outage last month their CEO sent out a request asking for input. No response from the Ivory Tower. We have been on three servers, had hours of outages on a regular basis, get no support or followup from sales, tech, porting, or billing. It is a company is crisis. If you can affford to be without working phones or you boss won't fire you for not being able to make or take calls, then get Fonality service. We have been over billed by thousands and it you have to call billing over and over to get the errors fixed. Technical support is very poor as they blame the ISP for everything. I have various ISP's in plants and when the service goes down is is down idonw in all of them. Voice quality is very inconsistent and when one plant has a problem they all end up with drop outs, noise, one-way audio all using the Fonality equipment configured by their tech support. Don't make the same mistake, don't use Fonality.
posted on Friday, March 4, 2011

Mikec:  Good news after fighting with Fonality I finally was able to get some credit (I was the idiot who paid for Year 1 in full to get Year 2 free --- it is now clear that NOBODY stays until Year 2...) and can look back over my experience and call it a learning curve. We found an HD telephone provider, Comvoice, who was able to actually make these Polycom phones work and sound great!! During the sales process I felt educated, I actually understood why I had issues with Fonality and was able to address the problems one by one to the point that I would actually recommend VoIP to other business owners. Three months ago I would have NEVER referred anyone to VoIP with all of the issues I experienced. Thank goodness we were able to find a solution because having 100 phones at 5 total offices and remote workers it was nearly impossible to make our old Nortel system work -- and continuing to pay for those upgrades and maintenance calls was getting expensive. Don't give up on VoIP just yet...just find the right provider.
posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lilly:  Fonality, by far, is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The customer service is appalling and recommending this company to another person or business should only be done as a cruel prank. It would be wrong to say everyone, but most people who work for Fonality either have an inferiority complex or are trained to think that the customer should know VoIP inside and out. I am disgusted with the way they have handled our issues. Every person I am referred to has told me that they do not have the authority to make a decision or approve a refund but only after hours of pleading my case on the phone to each one of them. No one bothers to pick up the phone in the billing department, so if you have a billing issue, try Sales or Support. The managers do not know a thing about customer service, and they have actually snickered when speaking to me! We are now stuck with over $1,200 in bills from our old company, due to the neglect of care that Fonality displayed porting our numbers. We were supposed to be getting better quality, and saving about 1/3 off our regular AT&T bill by making the switch. Our AT&T Bill doubled as a result of their incomplete porting when we should not have been receiving a bill from them at all anymore! Fonality used a New York exchange for us instead of a local exchange, and we are located in Massachusetts! And now Fonality is unwilling to take responsibly for all the mistakes they made. We should have stayed with AT&T it would have been worth the extra money we were paying. On top of that, we had countless dropped phone calls and calls that jump from one phone to another which results in our inability to answer the phones and left a lot of very unhappy customers... The crystal clear sound we were promised is a 5 at best. Our next step, besides notifying the general public via every web site possible, will be to contact the Attorney General of their state, as well as our attorneys. With all this, all we have asked for is a rightful refund for the mistakes they made, and it seems like they feel we are asking too much. Overall, Fonality is a joke and it is easy to tell that they jumped into the VoIP business way too early, because the quality and reliability is horrendous. Buyer Beware!!!
posted on Monday, February 14, 2011

Uncle Bob:  Fonality is totally a rip off!! We bought the system thinking it would be easy and flexible yet still work with our old hardware. We had numerous assurances from the salesman that we could use the new system with our handsets so we paid the money and got the servers ....and more headaches than ever anticipated. It took us 6 months and many, many hours of in-house expertise to get everything working. We had to learn everything ourselves through forums, frustration and trial and error. If you're going to buy Fonality, DON'T!!! Save yourself the money and buy some decent server hardware that will run Linux and install Asterisk from scratch. Use Asterisk: The Future of Telephony as your guide and hit the forums. You'll have to do that anyway with Fonality but at least you'll have the cash in your pocket and not theirs.
posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ryan:  This was by far the worste experience that i have ever had with a vendor! I became a reseller and they completely jerked me around on my own system for 4 months. When they finally got there Sh&! together and ported my number over, nother worked right. The add insult to injury, the one and only (thank God it was only one) customer i managed to sell it to, called me to tell me they were cancelling due to quality issues. What a waste of my resorsed it was dealing with this for 4 months. They will be out of business soon with this type of products/service.
posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

John D. :  FONALIY is a rip off – run! Fonality is a "Hit and Run" VoIP provider. Once they “hit” the sale, they “run” away. The WORST SUPPORT in the world. Unfortunately we were naïve enough to become a Fonality reseller and ASSUME they would provide the support necessary to get us and our client up and running. Boy where we fooled! Their HUD software is difficult to use and they don’t provide ANY training! If you like having TWO screens on your desk or are GREAT at reading manuals, then this is the system for you. IF you want a “turn-key” solution that is easy to use – look elsewhere! We’ve had to update the darn Dell Server hosting their software more than we’ve update our desktop PCs. Voice quality is marginal at best. This was the WORST $4000 I’ve spent in decades! (Yes decades) What’s even worst is we can’t sell this pile of junk, the extended warranty is NON-TRANSFERABLE. FONALIY is a rip off – run!
posted on Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joe:  Fonality is horrible. I have upgraded the modem, and the internet and everything and it still doesn't work! I called customer support 3 times and the phone call dropped each time. The customer service rep said they would call me back each time and didn't, then when I would call back asking for the person they were "out to lunch" and I had to start all over. I am going with land lines from now on.
posted on Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jeff:  You can get the phone for 1/2 price but then Fonality will charge you the other 1/2 to have it set up on their system, same total either way.
posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MIkec:  We purchased Fonality for our call center in April. The system is still not operational as the sales person sold us on features that we needed that do not work. We are in November and still waiting for patches while I have over 100 handsets in boxes. The handsets can be bought for much less by searching on line with warranty by the way. Wish I did not pay in full.
posted on Monday, November 15, 2010

Texas CPA:  Fonality is the pits.
posted on Monday, July 5, 2010

Drew Robichaud :  Fonality is a great product, and the reason Alex you went with Diguium is because of in-proper setup. Having the right configuration in your office is important when it comes to the robust capability of Fonality. If you have a mediocre internet pipe of course your not going to get the full capabilities. It takes a discussion with a knowledgeable person about what is you are trying to do to make it happen properly.
posted on Monday, May 10, 2010

alex:  We were trying to decide between Fonality and Switchvox (digium) and we went with Diguium and have been trouble free and happy with the product.
posted on Sunday, April 11, 2010

mary Chris:  We've had fonality for 4 years now. Have a bonded T1 connected to it along with land lines. Before I get into details, my single comment about fonallity is you get what you pay for! Cheap is never "cheap". I know this post is old, but surprised to see how many recent comments there have been. I'm also surprised to see the webiste taken back by fonality. :-) That's unfortunate. there's nothing wrong with free speech. The only reason I came across this post was because, after having used a fonality PBX for 4 years, we came across another frustrating situation with them. And the most amazing thing is when we escalted it to the manager (Mike C) he felt that there was nothing wrong, when in actuality there obviously was! Keep in mind when we did purchased and installed our system, the now board members were the ones answering our phone calls and resolivng our issues. In any case, I have to say I'm EXREMELY surprised and dissapointed to still see some of these internal issues there. Mike seemed more interestd in covering his own but with someone in his dept, than acknoledging there was a problem. Low and behold when he found out it was also related to the sale dept, he said he would jump on it right away and make sure to push it up the chain of command to have that corrected. In the 4 years we've used their system, it's been truly some very frustating moments and some great moments of amazement that was built into this system. We've gone through 2 servers already that crashed and in situation like that, it's obvious they're still going through growing pains. I think we had the first server that crashed due to a HD and they didn't know what to do. And of course along with their growing pains, we feel it directly. And it can be VERY frustrating working these issues out with them, while their lower level techs are running around with their heads chopped off. Of course it takes a few hours of very frustrating, yelling and hair pulling, before it gets escalted to a level of compentency that can do anything. But it is more afforadable than antyhing on the market. Again, you get what you pay for.
posted on Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mandy:  Has anyone used Fonality? I haven't heard anything good or bad about them. I would like to hear some feedback before I consider it.
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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