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Phone Power

Phone Power

VOIP calling plans and long distance.

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Phone Power is a VOIP provider that offers various calling plans and long distance services. Phone Power offers plans for home, small businesses and larger businesses. With Phone Power services, activation and equipment leasing are free. There are discounts available when you sign a contract for multiple months of service at once.

There are over 45 special features that are free with each plan. You can also receive a second line free. For those thinking of the home plan, there is the benefit of receiving a year of service free if you pay for one year upfront. Installation is quick and easy. You simply connect your internet modem or router to your two line adapter, and then connect that to any standard phone. There is also free Softphone software available which turns your computer into a phone and allows you to take your plan with you as you travel. If you refer a friend for the service, you and your friend will receive a credit for $10.

- Free activation and equipment leasing
- Free calling in the US and Canada
- Free second phone line
- Several plans to choose from
- Plans available for home was well as businesses
- Discount rates available when you sign a contract for multiple months at a time
- Free year of service for residential customers when one year of service is paid for in advance
- Four different billing options to choose from
- International calling available
- Inbound calls are free

- Discounted prices are only available when you sign a contract for several months
Residential and small business plans:
- Premium 24 month: $14.95/mo. with 24 month contract
- Premium 12 month: $16.95/mo. with 12 month contract
- Premium monthly: $19.95/mo.
- Premium annual: $199.95/yr. get a second year free

Large business plans:
- Hosted PBX: $54.95/mo. plus $10 activation fee on a 12 month contract
- Hosted PBX no contract: $54.95/mo. plus $25 activation fee

- Call waiting caller ID
- Call hold
- Enhanced 911
- Online account management
- Call waiting
- International call block
- Speed dial
- VoiceMail
- Refer a friend
- Outbound caller ID block
- Simultaneous ring
- Do not disturb
- Call forwarding

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Furraelz? That's marvelously good to know.:  Furraelz? That's marvelously good to know.
posted on Monday, July 11, 2011

Katelyn:  really easy to work with and have never had a problem
posted on Friday, September 17, 2010

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