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A VoIP provider leading the way in innovation.

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Technology is the ever expanding medium that will continually change the way we act, think and most importantly communicate. Integration of hardware is the next big revolution in technology. Having your electronic devices synced with the internet is the first step to full technological integration. is a service that offers users the ability to integrate their phone with the internet. VoIP technology has been around for many years now, but no service lets users translate voicemails from their phone to the web. Broadsoft is a pioneer in this budding industry.

Broadsoft’s software enables users to add voice tools to various web applications. The service lets users transfer voicemails, texts and alerts from their phone to a web based application. Users can easily view, store and share voicemails/texts at their convenience. Users can also use the VoIP software to make free calls across the world. The software is perfect for businesses. Keeping track of incoming leads and client conversations is pretty difficult especially when the volume of calls is high. The software can act like a call center and automatically route incoming calls to the appropriate end user.  At the moment there is a Salesforce application for business users and a Facebook application that lets users post voicemails to their profiles.

Currently, Broadsoft does not have a lot of specific personalized applications, but more will surely come when the technology expands into different markets. Take a look at for the many different uses for this exciting software. 

- Phone to Web Text Integration
- Lead Management
- Voicemail and Text Management
- Free international calls
- Free software at the moment
- Many practical business applications
- Continually updating and enhancing service with new product features

- No indication of the free price on the website
- Not many personalized applications at the moment

- Currently free
- The company makes money by charging developers to make unique add-on applications

- BroadWorks Application Anywhere
- Push-to-talk
- N-Way calling
- Executive-Admin support
- Front office attendants
- Disaster Recovery
- Productivity-enhancing communication applications for the web, PCs and mobile devices.
- Web-Based Management
- Simultaneous Ring
- Voicemail to email
- Alternate Numbers
- Primary Line Replacement
- Mobile PBX Application
- Extension Dialing
- BroadWorks Receptionist
- Mobility Manager

- Consumer feedback on the website is positive
- Consumer feedback from various web blogs and reviews are all positive

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Steve:  As a business man I find myself using Broadsoft because it enables me to keep track of the many calls that I am bombarded with. I recommend it to any one that wants their calls to be tracked and handled in the "call center."
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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