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Low Rates for International Phone Calls

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Nymgo is a telecommunications company that offers low rates for international phone calls using your computer. Nymgo also offers discount rates for cell phones when you configure your device to the Nymgo network. Nymco offers no hidden charges and no fancy promotions. You will get the same value and rates at all times. You don't pay any connection charges and the service is pay as you go. There are some features available with the Nymgo service and you donít have to sign a contract. You pay through your debit or credit card and purchase only what you will use. Once you've used up your credits and purchase more or cancel your membership if you desire. There are no penalties for cancelling so you are free to do that when you like.

Customer service is also a high priority for Nymgo. If you have problems with your audio quality and report that within 24 hours of your call you will be credited for the first two minutes of the call provided Nymgo's tests prove those audio problems. Customer service is available 24 hours a day and you can report any problems through a straightforward form on the web site.


- Customer service is a priority
- Pay as you go payment plan
- Cancel anytime
- Discounted international calling rates available
- First telco to offer everyday low pricing
- Works with your cell phone
- No hidden charges
- Call landlines or mobile phones using Nymgo rates
- Find per minute rates for any country


- Must have computer or cell phone to make calls
- Credits expire after three months of inactivity
- Mobile phone must have SIP settings to work with Nymgo


There are no packages or calling plans with Nymgo. You simply pay as you go in several available increments. If you run out of credits you can purchase more. There is an additional $1 that is charged as an authorization fee by Google. How long your credit lasts will depend on how much you purchase in the beginning and what countries you call. The rate per minute varies from country to country. The different increments available to purchase include:

- $10
- $15
- $20
- $30
- $50


- Pay as you go service
- Ability to use your cell phone
- Record your conversations
- Low-cost texting access
- Access to the phone book no matter where you are
- No contracts
- Low prices for international calls

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nyuyu:  kindly allow people to rates for all countries,cells and landlines
posted on Saturday, December 31, 2011

Madhukar:  ery bad payment gateway and Cheating company: Nymgo is one of the most cheating company in Voice over IP industry. It is very bad processing for credits buying. I have tried to buy credit for 50$ on 19th February through MoneyBookers account. The payment was declined but it amount from moneybooker acount has been deducted. I have sent mails to customer support 4 times with all transaction details. Still I didn't get any reply from Nymgo support also from Moneybooker. I recommend not to use this Nymgo service
posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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