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Startec Global Communications

Startec Global Communications

VOIP service for your cell phone or your home phone.

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Startec Global Communications is a VOIP phone service that works with your cell phone or your home phone. You can use Startec easily without having to change your service provider and there are prepaid options available. You get one rate no matter what time of day you do your calling and you don’t have to worry about signing a contract. The per minute rate for international calls varies depending on what country you are calling.

Currently you can receive some free minutes and a gift card when you sign up for services. Startec has millions of customers worldwide and they there are flexible payment options and plans you can choose from. One option is the pay as you go option. This allows you to pay after you’ve used the services and does not have a minimum usage requirement. Another option is prepaid. With this plan, you pay before you use services and can only use the amount of minutes that have been purchased. The last option is for your home phone. The home phone plan is more traditional and comes with a paper bill and includes CellConnect for free.

- Various plans to choose from
- Plans have no minimum usage
- Choose from prepaid or postpaid service
- No contracts to sign
- Works with both home phone and cell phone
- No hidden fees
- Best quality in the industry according to customers
- Millions of customers
- Low international rates available for your cell phone

- Must purchase service before receiving instructions on how to use it

- Pay As You Go: $2.99/mo. fee - Cost will vary from month to month depending on how many minutes you use and the countries you call
- Prepaid: no monthly fee - Cost will depend on what you decide to pay each month – you can only use what you’ve paid for
- Home Phone with CellConnect: $2.99/mo. – Cost will vary depending on how many minutes you use and the countries you call

- No minimum usage
- Speed dial – program up to 99 numbers
- One-touch dialing – make calls by touching one button
- Online billing – view your bill online and pay online
- My account – manage your account online

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kv:  very reliable service
posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010

Clay:  Send to the cell feature is fantastic!
posted on Friday, September 17, 2010

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