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Electronically send and receive faxes.

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Nextiva vFax is an electronic way to send and receive faxes. Sending faxes is as easy as sending a simple email and the method is very cost effective. You don’t have to worry about paper getting jammed or running out of paper. Nextiva vFax is more convenient than traditional faxing because you can send and receive faxes from anywhere. You no longer have to stand by the fax machine to make sure your fax is sent or wait to receive one.

With an internet connection and a monthly payment, you can send and receive faxes that are produced in electronic format. You can fax via email, Microsoft Office, from an online control panel or through a traditional fax machine by using an adapter. You receive up to 3,000 pages free each month with your subscription and there are no set up fees. You are even able to send and receive faxes from your cell phone or Blackberry with Nextiva vFax.

- No busy signals
- No worries about paper jams
- Eliminates need for paper and ink
- Send faxes from email or cell phone
- Compatible with Microsoft applications
- Works with your current fax machine
- Makes faxing accessible at anytime in any location
- Pricing is more competitive than some other online faxing services
- Receive a discount if paid for annually
- Various plans available depending on your needs or business size
- No contract required
- Free trial available
- Award winning service

- Must commit to a year of service to receive discount
- May not be feasible for large business

There are three different levels of service available depending on your needs. There is no setup fee no matter which level of service you choose. The rates are as follows:

- Basic Annual: 500 pages for $6.95/mo. if paid for annually
- Basic Monthly: 500 pages for $9.95/mo. if paid for monthly
- Premium Annual: 1,000 pages for $12.95/mo. if paid for annually
- Premium Monthly: 1,000 pages for $17.95/mo. if paid for monthly
- Max Annual: 3,000 pages for $29.95/mo. if paid for annually
- Max Monthly: 3,000 pages for $34.95/mo. if paid for monthly

- No busy signals
- Send and receive by email
- Send and receive by fax machine
- Send and receive from Microsoft applications
- Send and receive by cell phone
- No lost or mixed faxes
- Ensured privacy
- Access faxes anywhere
- More reliable than a traditional fax machine
- Keep your current number
- Works even when your PC is turned off
- Technical support based in the US

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jonas b:  This has greatly improved the efficiencey of our operations.
posted on Friday, September 17, 2010

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