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Voice and video chat as seen on the Biggest Loser.

PalTalk is an online voice and video chat service that makes it easy to keep in touch. The service was featured on Biggest Loser.


Paltalk is an online community that allows you to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Through Paltalk you can connect with others via video chat, video and voice calls, text and more. You can choose to do one on one chats or include an entire group for an online group meeting. You can also use Paltalk to meet people from all around the world. There are over 5,000 video chat rooms available currently and they are all categorized by topic and language. Paltalk includes over 4 million members and you can create your own chat room for free. Paltalk is available for your cell phone, home computer and even your Mac if you have one. All of the video chat rooms are searchable so you can surely find what youíre looking for.

Those who own web sites can use Paltalk to embed video chat rooms onto their site and create a community for their followers. Some of the great benefits of Paltalk include high fidelity audio, VOIP chat, PC to phone calls, text chat, high resolution video, video chat, conferencing, virtual numbers and so much more. There are several extra benefits to the site including sending large files and games. Overall, Paltalk offers you everything you need to communicate through the web.


- Service is free
- Web based application that gives you access to millions of users
- Thousands of video chat rooms available
- Talk to friends that are registered or search for people to talk to
- Create your own video chat room for free
- Available for Mac users
- Communicate through video chat, voice calls and text
- Browse through some user profiles before becoming a member


- Having thousands of chat rooms to sort through can be overwhelming


There is no expense involved with Paltalk. You simply download the free flash application and you have access to the features of Paltalk through the internet. You must have internet to access the service.


Paltalk offers many amazing features that allow users to communicate with each other. Some of the more popular features include:

- Video chat
- Video chat rooms
- Video web conferencing
- Voice calling
- Text messaging
- Ability to connect with anyone in the world
- High resolution video
- PC to phone calls
- Virtual numbers
- Chat with friends on your IM lists


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