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5 Point Communications

Get lower phone bills by switching from regular telephone to VOIP service from 5PCom. 5PCom offers residential VOIP plans as well as business VOIP solutions.

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AT&T is one of the most recognized names in telecommunications. Now embracing modern VoIP technology to provide more valuable to its customers.

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babyTEL is a voip service provider that enables users to make telephone calls over their internet. With VOIP from babyTEL, you get all normal telelphone calling services over your high speed internet at competetive prices.

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Broadsoft has positioned itself as a leader in innovative technology for the VoIP service market. Residential and Business customers alike will find value in the international and long distance calling, voicemail features and continually growing VoIP technology.

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Broadvox Direct

VOIP service provider Broadvox Direct offers all of the standard voice over internet plans at reasonable prices. Broadvox Direct offers special rates on VOIP service to businesses.

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CallCentric provides VoIP service with low calling packages, excellent customer service and popular calling features.

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Comlinq is a leader in making voice communications simpler. They're VOIP service SKY Phone is comparable to Vonage and Skype.

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eVoice is a VOIP provider that offers the use of a virtual phone system in a single number.

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Fonality provides phone systems for businesses at affordable prices. With Fonality, you can easily set up telecommunications systems at your office.

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Galaxy Voice

Galaxy Voice provides internet services, such as dial up, high speed internet, DSL internet, broad band internet, and web hosting. Galaxy Voice has internet solutions for home and business and provides free equipment and free VOIP.

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Get internet phone to phone service with VOIP provider iConnectHere. iConnectHere lets you make phone calls anywhere using your internet.

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Just a click away from free phone calls. Type in your phone number, their phone number and JAJAH will instantly connect you with free local calls and low-cost international calls.

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Jaxtr is a VoIP provider extending service to customers free of charge. Using your broadband internet connection, you can make calls via your computer or home phone connected to the Web. Jaxtr even makes it possible for you to take the Internet with you on your mobile phone.

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Jivetel is a reasonably priced voice over internet provider. They offer VoIP packages as well as VoIP software and hardware.

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JoiPhone offers VoIP service with affordable packages as low as $8.95/mo. Excellent customer service and valuable features for home or business.

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Lingo provides affordable VoIP telephone service with unlimited domestic calls and 22 countries. Use Lingo VoIP for home or office.

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Magic Jack SPANISH

magicJack, pequeño dispositivo que se puede conectar a su ordenador de casa y tienen servicio de teléfono de la casa que llama a cualquier parte de Estados Unidos o Canadá.

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magicJack, small device that you can plug into your home computer and have home phone service that calls anywhere in the United States or Canada.

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Get cheap VOIP service with voice over IP from MyLowPhone. MyLowPhone offers great rates for telephone calling over the internet.

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VoIP phone service provided by Net2Phone includes domestic and international calling plans, business and residential plans and many popular features.

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NetTALK is a company that offers affordable home phone service through the state of the art innovation of using your internet connection.

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NetZero is an internet service provider that offers both dial-up and DSL/broadband internet service.

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Businesses or individuals seeking cost-effective international calling solutions, Packet8 offers unlimited VoIP calls to 10 countries at competitive prices.

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PalTalk is an online voice and video chat service that makes it easy to keep in touch. The service was featured on Biggest Loser.

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PCCall is ideal for students and families making frequent international calls. Use your computer to make outgoing calls, with low rates starting at 2 cents/minute.

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PCI Broadband

PCI Sys is a VOIP provider offering internet services such as wireless internet, high speed DSL, residential VOIP, business VOIP, and more. PCI Sys is a low cost telecommunications solution for home and business.

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Phone Power

Phone Power is a VOIP provider that offers various calling plans and long distance services.

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Providing communication solutions via VoIP internet telephone service to residential and business users. offers a variety of calling packages.

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Rebtel provides cheap international calls from any landline or mobile phone.

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It's possible to integrate your mobile phone with the Internet with Amphibian, a new technology from Ribbit. Organize incoming and outgoing calls and receive voicemail, text message and other alerts right inside your Web browser.

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Skype members talk for free over the computer, and enjoy low-rate long-distance calls, to anyone, anywhere.

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Speakeasy offers voice and data solutions for small businesses and residential customers. Speakeasy is a comprehensive VOIP service provider to streamline your telecommunications over one broadband connection.

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Startec Global Communications

Startec Global Communications is a VOIP phone service that works with your cell phone or your home phone.

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V Global

VoIP users now have a choice for low-rate long distance within the U.S. and internationally. Using a home telephone, V-Global VoIP offers reliable service at an affordable price.

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Verizon VoiceWing

Verizon VoiceWing provides broadband phone service to customers nationwide. Unlimited nationwide calling plans start at just $24.95/month.

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ViaTalk offers VoIP internet phone service with a buy one year, get one year special. Residential and business packages are available with unlimited long distance.

Read more about ViaTalk promises to have the lowest international calling rates and the largest features list for internet telephone service.

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VOIPgo is a voice over internet service provider that offers unlimited calling plans at competitive prices. Use VOIPgo to easily switch from traditional local and long distance telephone service to making phone calls over your internet.

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VoIP service for your home or business at rates you can afford. VoIPYourLife has great customer service and low-rate international calls.

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Vonage is one of the more recognized VoIP brand- servicing residential and business needs with competitive pricing.

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