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A VoIP provider making the service easier for you.

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Jivetel VOIP is a content-rich service. Their basic package is reasonably priced and, for a small additional fee, auto-attendant greetings become your front office receptionist, capable of routing calls to any of four extensions.


Another nice add-on is the ability to program Jivetel's capabilities into your cell phone.

- Features-rich basic package that includes many extras
- Auto-attendant up-grades available
- Reasonable pricing
- Number porting available
- 24/7 Customer Service and Technical support

- Activation fee
- Equipment not included

Jivetel services come in three easy to choose services:

- Pay-as-you-go @ $9.95 per month plus per/call rate
- U.S.-Jive includes unlimited U.S. and Canada for $24.95 per month
- World-Jive offers unlimited U.S. and Canada plus 40 international destinations for $30.95 per month

Additional expenses Jivtel will charge:
- An activation fee of $24.95 per month is required on all plans
- Each add-on is only $4.99

VOIP phone adaptors are required, but Jivetel provides technical support through the FAQ section on their website and via 24/7 customer service. Determining whether your adaptor is compatible with their services is usually a simple matter of checking the website. Adaptors sold by Jivetel are equipped with two phone jacks. Jivetel also offers wireless VOIP adapators, headsets and routers.

In addition to its standard features, (listed below) additional options are available for $4.99 per month. They include:

- Authorization Codes for each user
- Auto Attendant for greetings
- Auto Attendant for greetings and extension dialing
- Cell phone interaction

The list of features that come standard with each package are as follows:

- Blacklist
- Call Forwarding Always
- Virtual International Local Dialing
- Anonymous Call Rejection
- Online Account Management
- Call Forwarding
- Call Return
- Call Waiting
- Caller ID
- Caller ID Blocking
- Do Not Distrub
- International Call Blocking
- Music on Hold
- Repeat Dial
- Short Digit Dialing
- Speed Dial
- Three way Calling
- Voicemail Notification
- Find Me Follow Me
- E911
- Portability (via phone adaptor)
- Virtual phone number
- Alternate Caller ID Number

Jivetel offers professional technical support and feature-rich VOIP content. Packages are priced competitively and Jivetel add-ons mean that small businessess can manage a professional front-office.

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Review Comments

Adam West:  This information is very outdated. The pay-as-you-go plan is $4.95 and the unlimited world plan is $34.95. Jivetel also offers free Israel #'s for customers in the USA. Also, I see Rating: 3.0/5 (488 votes cast), however I cannot see the individual votes! I thing this is bogus voting as almost all providers I looked at were in the 3 star range
posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

mahendra:  this is humbug service.u can't log on service at all.
posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ric:  Has anyone tried Jivetel? Tell me what you think about it.
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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