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Cheap international calls from any landline or mobile phone.

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Rebtel is an international calling plan that works directly with your cell phone or landline phone. Rebtel allows users to make international calls to people who live in 196 different countries at local rates, as low as 0.5¢ per minute to both landlines and mobile phones. Rebtel connects users via a VOiP, which means it uses the Internet instead of telephone lines to connect people. This results in clear conversations and a cheaper price for users.

Rebtel allows users to assign local phone numbers to the people they want to call who live in a different country. Users then dial these local phone numbers from any phone they want to use. Rebtel connects the call over the Internet, which then allows them to pass the savings on to users.

Rebtel only charges users for the minutes they actually use. There are not connection fees or subscription fees to use Rebtel. Minutes used are rounded, but this is a very common practice. Users do get their first call free, which allows you to try Rebtel for yourself to see if it's the VOiP provider for you.


- Apps for iPhones, Blackberrys, and Android cell phones
- Up to 95 percent cheaper than traditional calling cards or direct calls
- Can call from any phone
- Can call almost 200 different countries for very low prices
- Free calls between 50 countries
- No subscription or connection fees
- No hardware needed, just a phone to use to make the calls
- First call is free


- Not able to call everywhere in the world


The expense of making a call differs based on where you are calling from, where you are calling, and how long your call is. Calls can be as cheap as 0.5¢ per minute.


- Cell phone apps for iPhones, Blackberrys, and Androids
- No subscription or connection fee
- No hardware needed to use Rebtel
- Free local phone numbers are used to make international calling easier

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