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PCI Broadband

PCI Broadband

VoIP service provider for residential customers and other internet solutions.

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PCI Sys offers plans for residential and business customers. Both allow customers to expland the plans by adding additional minutes or features for an additional fee. Both also have a good range of features that are built into the plan, at a competitive price.

- Low cost
- Unlimited US, and Canada minutes
- Inexpensive pricing, particularly the basic plans
- Keep your existing phone number

- Plans can be confusing and difficult to understand
- Average international presence for business plans among VoIP providers
- Contracts for larger business plans lock companies into PCI Sys for 2-3 years

Broadvoice Unlimited Plan: $19.95/month, unlimited calls in U.S. and Canada

PCI Broadvoice: $22.95/month, unlimited inbound and outbound calls in U.S. international calls to 22 countries

- $9.95 per month and 3.5 Cents per minute
- Long distance Options (Interstate / Instate)
- Unlimited On-Net to On-Net Long Distance Calling
- Standard Long Distance - $0.035 per minute
- 500 Minute Package - $16.25
- 1000 Minute Package - $30.00
- 2500 Minute Package - $68.75
- 5000 Minute Package - $125.00
- 10000 Minute Package - $200.00

Minutes over package amount are billed at $0.035 per minute

- Call Forwarding
- Call Return
- Call Waiting
- Caller ID
- Caller ID block
- Free In Network Calling (Unlimited Plans Only)

(Basic Features plus)
- Web Portal
- Unified Messaging
- Alternate numbers
- Outlook Integration
- Selective Call Acceptance
- Selective Call Rejection
- Click to Dial
- Fine Me Follow Me
- VM
- Free In-Network Calling

Common Misspellings
PCI Sis, PZI Sys, PCI Broad Band, PCI Sys, PCI Voip,,

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Review Comments

Steve:  The low prices interest me, I wonder how the quality is though?
posted on Monday, July 28, 2008

Blake:  I really like the prices. I got the lowest package with five hundred minutes and that works just fine for me.
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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