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Protect anonymity and with one phone number.

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1Num is designed to receive all your calls through a central location, to route them to you through any phone you designate, all while protecting the identity of your home phone number, for instance. It will deliver voicemails and fax messages to an email of your choice and, because you are alerted to calls as they arrive, you can decide who to speak to and who to send to voicemail. It even allows you to determine the number on your caller ID when you make outgoing calls.

There is a web interface from which to control the options, and the system has the capability of allowing you to make intermediate changes right from your phone. Which phone? Whichever one you are using.

On the family plans, up to three family members can have a unique greeting for incoming calls. Those calls that go to voicemail can be sent to any email of your choosing. You can program different “reach me” locations for family members from the web portal or from your phone.

There is even a government plan wherein reverse-911 features could be implemented to tell residents about a highway closure that will affect their travelling.  But, rather than “ring and go”, this system would allow a detailed description to be left on voicemail.

- 1Num is capable of making 10,000 calls within 10 minutes for government communication needs.
- 1Num is keeps family and overseas servicemen in touch via a wonderful plan through a charity, “get involved ourselves” type of offering.
- Devised a simple, affordable plan to help parents keep track of their family’s location in case they have to contact them quickly. 

The perimeters of this plan were not easily navigated, unfortunately.  However, just like most new technology, practice on the consumer’s party and refined instructions on the service provider’s part, will most likely enable this service to remain a viable solution.

The basic family plan with 60 minutes of forwarding and routing capabilities begins low – around $5 per month. Upgrading to the family plan to unlimited is not unreasonable, around $10 more per month. For business, 500 minutes begin around $15 per month, and adding $10 to that plan will also upgrade it to unlimited.

1Num has many popular and advanced features that make service even more valuable. Some of these include:
- Caller Announcement: a customer states their name so that you know whether to take the call
- Call routing: the service finds you when you are not at a main location
- Do Not Disturb
- Call Logs: allow you to see the number the caller dialed
- Voicemail forward to email

Common Misspellings
onenum, 1Number, 1Num VOIP, 1Nim

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rajeh:  there customer service is great they are nice people. but sometimes it works ok and sometimes so so.
posted on Saturday, March 8, 2008

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