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VoIP service for a bargain price.

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JoiPhone is a fairly new player in the VoIP market. They are determined to make a splash by offering the most comprehensive array of features available for the lowest price. Although the personal interface does not contain the bells and whistles of other providers, it is completely functional and offers flexibility from all corridors.

- Pay one year in advance for extra savings
- Large menu of features of available
- Company in business nearly ten years
- Positive customer reviews, and excellent customer service

- Not all features are free, have monthly fees
- Web site is busy and difficult to navigate

JoiPhone is trying to make their service the best VoIP bargain around. Prepay for a year and get packages starting at $8.95/month.  The great news about this bargain price is that there is no contract to sign and no penalty for cancellation (they just pro-rate the unused amount back to you).

JoiPhone has a month-by-month program as well, wherein you receive the first two months at the $8.95/mo. price and service thereafter is $17.95/mo. This package allows unlimited local and long distance calling within the USA and, surprisingly, to Buenos Aires, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Cyprus, Denmark and the United Kingdom. When this special offer expires the regular price is still reasonable. Pre-pay the year for $16.95/mo. or $19.95/mo. on a month-to-month basis.

There is also a VoIP business plan available for $29.95/mo. when pre-paid for one year or $32.95/mo. on a month-to-month basis.

Add-on features available from JoiPhone are also reasonably priced when you pre-pay for one year:
- $1.95 for a virtual phone number
- $2.95 for a toll free number
- $4.95 for an auto-attendant voicemail line
- $4.95 for an additional phone line with local calls and $9.95 for the same extra line with unlimited calling.

As stated, JoiPhone is feature-rich, including:
- Dedicated voicemail
- Call forwarding
- 3-way calling
- Block call waiting on all calls
- Follow-me” and Hunt-me features
- Voicemail notification via email
- Voicemail forwarding
- Call waiting music

Common Misspellings
JoyPhone, Joy Phone, JoiPhones, JoyFone, Joy Fone

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Review Comments

Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my quetsions are answered!:  Wham bam thank you, mam, my quetsions are answered!
posted on Monday, July 11, 2011

Sam Simth:  Joiphone is the worst company ever, they can change your rate anytime they like, without informing you. they will stop the service without notice, after your friends and family knew your phone number, you will need to change it again. the call quality is very bad. think twice before go to this scamming company, see BBB rating first.
posted on Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hadim:  the caller ID stop displaying name of caller Yesterday., their stupid service is getting more worse every day by day... , Moreover the none sense customer service they have are nothing but waste of time ,,, untrained unprofessional idiots they hired to do nothing but to say I cannot help you. Unfortunately I paid for 2 years in advance, if only I would know that they can change my service they promised during the period of existing contract.. I would not do it! I will not renew this contract with such stupid, unethical, unprofessional corrupt company again.
posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Linda W:  *DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. * Their billing practices are shady at best and in my opinion illegal. They changed the annual fee without notification, and I was unable to cancel service or charges to my credit card. To ensure no further charges where made, I had to change my credit card number as I was unable to remove my credit card information from there website. Also, I was having problems with connections and since they charge you for calls to cell phones I was told they do not refund for these calls that do not connect. I am now trying to dispute the annual charge and see if I can get any assistance from my credit card as I am out over $200 and no phone service!
posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poly:  JoiPhone is more reliable then my old home phone, and I only pay $9 per month including unlimited long distance.
posted on Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dennis:  Service providers using the Internet to market their services can change terms and conditions of your contact any time they wish. I had a one hour discussion with a mediation expert from my charge card company regarding an unauthorized charge to my account. After canceling my account with Joiphone for VOIP services, they reactivated it without my permission and billed my credit card. During our discussion I learned, this is standard practice used by many companies offering service through the Internet. When I originally signed up I read the terms over carefully, like I always do. There was no language concerning any type of advanced notice, instructions to cancel service, or agreement Joiphone had the right to alter the agreement. All of this information was added after providing initial service. None of this matters. Neither I, nor Joiphone can produce a copy of the original agreement, customers are at the mercy of the altered terms, which of course benefit the company. This is how the challenge process was explained to me. Your credit card company files a complaint with the bank representing the company in question. The final decision lies in the hands of the company's bank. If the company claims they have the right to change the terms, you loose your money. In this case the terms supplied in writing to the charge card company on 9/22/2010, do not agree with the terms posted on Joiphone's Internet site as of 10/12/2010. So what does that mean? The terms only have to appear on the site for one day to be considered enforceable? I've filed a complaint with the Consumer Division of Justice in the State of Wisconsin, to find out if this practice if legal. In the mean time I am trying to find a way of protecting myself so this will not happen again. At the present time I am dealing with at least 6 other service providers with terms posted on the Internet. If you have any ideas or solutions to share I would greatly appreciate them.
posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dee:  Check the BBB website and other places. It is definitely a small company of thieves. Read the fine line in the agreement. When time comes to renew they will scam you of 200. It would have been better to go with somebody else. I was with them 5 years before they stole money from me.
posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Przemyslaw:  I have had joiphone for about 5 months now and I'm very happy with the quality of service and the price. Before switching I had Vonage (best user interface, great sound quality but most expensive), PowerPhone (Great service, great customer service but you have to pre pay to get a good price which I can't do after loosing money to Sunrocket). JoiPhone has same sound quality as vonage or powerphone with my 3Mb dsl internet connection, good features but somewhat updated user interface or web interface to change the setting compared to vonage. Also I had to play with my router settings to get good sound quality when calling Poland. I have their Joi to world plan which includes 800 minutes to select countries which I call often for $19.99 (total with taxes $22.78) with unlimited calling in USA and Canada. Tech support is ok depending who u speak to but there is nobody to talk at billing if you have a problem (email support only with delayed replys from my experience). Overall I'm happy with the service (excellent voice quality) and the price.
posted on Monday, April 6, 2009

Alex:  I have used JoiPhone as my primary home phone for over 1 year. I can not say enough good things about JoiPhone. I brought most of my friends and family to JoiPhone and I only get good feedback. JoiPhone even upgraded my adapter to a 4port Cisco router for free. The only time I had issues with my phone was few hours this past Saturday. But overall JoiPhone is more reliable then my old home phone, and I only pay $9 per month including unlimited long distance. Alex
posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Steve:  Worst customer service in the world. While cheap, you get what you pay for. I would avoid this one if I were you.
posted on Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tonya:  I like a smaller, younger company because I felt that there customer service was extraordinary. There trying to get their name out there in a good light.
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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