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NetZero is an internet service provider that offers both dial-up and DSL/broadband internet service. The internet plans are inexpensive and some of the service levels offer the first month free. NetZero offers the fastest dial up connection available and you are not required to pay with a credit card. The DSL service isn't available in all areas so you would have to check to see if you can get it in your area. Although dial-up service isn't used by a lot of people anymore, it is a great way to get affordable internet service. There are several levels of service available so you can find the plan that fits your needs as well as your budget. There are features available depending on what service you choose. All plans come with email service with spam protection. There is currently a sign up bonus deal for new customers.


- Affordable internet service
- All plans come with email and spam protection
- Different levels of service and speeds
- Sign-up bonus for new customers
- No need for a credit card
- DSL service available in some areas
- Free video chat and video mail with DSL service
- Free to try the service
- Great deals for those who don't use the internet very often


- Only offers connection methods that use phone lines
- DSL discounted rate may require a contract
- Lose discounted rate after contract period is over


- NetZero HiSpeed: Offers the fastest dial-up service available $14.95/mo. with the first month free
- NetZero Platinum: Unlimited dial-up access $9.95/mo. with the first month free
- FREE Service: Up to 10 hours of internet access each month for no charge
- NetZero Toll-Free: Includes 30 hours of access per month $19.95/mo.
- NetZero DSL: Offers speeds faster than dial-up starting at $9.95/mo.


- Email: Use the email accounts to communicate with friends and family
- Fast service: certain levels of service allow you to search the web up to five times faster than dial-up
- Pop-Up Blocker: block annoying ads while searching the internet
- Technical Support: get help when you need it to remedy service problems
- Video Mail & Video Chat: chat face-to-face with anyone

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