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5 Point Communications

5 Point Communications

VOIP Solutions for Business And Home

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SUMMARY is a VoIP provider that gives users a better deal than most other companies. offers both residential and business plans but at a much lower cost than most competitors. Most competitors only offer a few plan options for around $50-$100 dollars. offers residential plans starting at $14.99 a month and business plans at $39.99 a month.

Each plan differs in the amount of minutes the user can make use of but the deal is pretty sound. The company presents many different calling options to the user such as call hold,  caller ID block,  caller ID display, call waiting, call forward always,
call forward on busy, call forward no answer, 3-way calling, voicemail, 911 dialing, 411 dialing, toll free number, voice to email and virtual numbers. The company even sells VoIP hardware, software and phones as well as the service.

Studies show that the average customer saves from 33% to 60% on their phone bill. The user also has the option to use any combination of splitters, wireless modems and routers to provide service throughout your home but with only one high-speed internet service connection and subscription. is a trustworthy company and offers excellent customer service. All terms and conditions are listed on the website as well as pricing options. The company also has user testimonials and is credited with Hacker Safe Corporation for user online protection.

- Lots of free features
- Many different plans
- Good customer service
- Good FAQ page
- VoIP products as well as service
- Cheap price

- Not very good search features
- No complete list of available countries

- Residential VoIP Basic Plan $14.99
- Unlimited VoIP Plan $19.99
- Business VoIP Basic Plan $39.99
- Unlimited VoIP Plan $49.99

- Call Hold
- Caller ID Block 
- Caller ID Display
- Call Waiting 
- Call Forward Always
- Call Forward on Busy 
- Call Forward No Answer 
- 3-Way Calling 
- Voicemail  911 Dialing
- 411 Dialing 
- Toll Free Number
- Voice to Email
- Virtual Numbers

- The site contains positive user feedback.

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Review Comments

Ed:  My computer accesses the net via a wireless class n connection to a fast router to broadband. Will this or any Voip work well in this situation ?
posted on Wednesday, September 8, 2010

susan:  No, not at all. The residential plan is all I use and I feel it works for me.
posted on Monday, July 28, 2008

Brandon:  The 14.99 a month package sounds good and I want to get it, but am I sacrificing quality in order to save money?
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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