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Affordable VoIP phone service

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VoIPYourLife is an anomaly amongst its fellow VoIP providers. Review sites are full of praises for one main component - their customer service and technical support departments. The features offered by VoIPYourLife are a bit leaner than some other providers, few customers are displeased with the service, equipment performance and the ease with which technical problems are resolved.

The website is extremely user-friendly, without too much hype or intrusions on the process of learning about the calling packages, features required equipment. People who have been disappointed in other VoIP suppliers are reporting that their experience with this VoIPYourLife has been a positive one.

This is a solid service that has taken into account the expensive cost of doing business. Although their packages are a bit leaner than some, many of the innovative features offered by VoIPYourLife are not offered by its competitors.

- Customer service and technical support departments highly praised
- Broad features list
- Competitive pricing
- Residential and business offerings
- Free equipment
- No disconnect fee
- Keep your current phone number

- International cell phone calls not available for all countries
- Calling plans not as complete as its competitors
- High speed Internet required for calls, cost not included

Calling Plans & Expense
VoIPYourLife offers a variety of calling packages, each tiered a little higher to give you as much or little calling as you ned.
- Premier Basic is $14.97 per month. With this plan you can receive an unlimited amount of incoming calls and 200 minutes of outgoing. The equipment is free and comes with two virtual numbers included, in addition to your regular number.
- Premier Unlimited is $23.97, with unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada, free equipment and two virtual numbers.
- Premier Global Unlimited is $29.97 per month. It provides unlimited calls to more than 30 countries, including Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico and Russia. Calls to cell phones are permitted in some countries.

There is an activation fee of $19.95, but to offset that cost the equipment is free for all packages. You can save 10% by signing up for the yearly payment plan. Fees for taxes and regulatory charges, such as E911, are also billed. There is no termination fee.

Business Customers
VoIPYourLife also offers a business package ideal for those not expecting to use more than 1500 outgoing minutes per month. Reasonable per-minute fees apply for overages.

- Keep your existing phone number
- Two virtual numbers
- Call waiting
- Caller ID
- Call forwarding
- Anonymous call rejection
- Blacklist, block calls with an accompanying voice message telling them they have been blocked
- Call filter
- Do Not Disturb
- Find me
- International call block
- On-hold music
- Three way
- Voicemail notification via email
- Wake-up call

There are also add-on features with A la Carte pricing.
- International virtual numbers, starting at $14.95 per month and a one-time setup charge of $19.95
- Toll-Free numbers for $6 per month and 4.5 cents per minute in the U.S. or 6 cents per minute in Canada

Common Misspellings
Voyp your life, VoipLife, Vop your life

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Review Comments

Daniela:  They are now called VYL Media and a once-upon-a-time great service has recently gone down the drain. For more than a year now one problem has been chasing another. Yesterday they informed me that, instead of addressing and fixing the many problems, they decided to cancel the service on me. Way to go VYL Media.
posted on Monday, February 28, 2011

Al:  I've been using voipyourlife for well over a year. I switched to them after a painful transition after sunrocket went out of business, and "tested" them by calling their tech support first, got a human right away, and they were very helpful with advice. Have had near zero service interruptions (outside of the rare Cable ISP outage, which isn't voipyourlife's fault). Only thing I dislike is the lag time after dialing and getting a ring signal...confusing to non-voipers using our home phone, but we've gotten used to it.
posted on Monday, September 6, 2010

Mike:  I used them calling from the Philippines and the quality was excellent! Good customer service as well.
posted on Friday, June 12, 2009

Ivy:  I agree, good customer service makes a difference.
posted on Monday, July 28, 2008

Dave:  Great customer service! Makes a world of difference when the people are easy to deal with. Less frustration with a good customer service.
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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