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VOIP service for your international business.

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ComLinQ is a communications link that will allow you to call all over the world. They offer a service called SKY Phone which is comparable to Vonage or Skype. These types of phone services are known as VOIP, or voice over internet protocol services. VOIP services allow you to use an internet connection as a phone line.

ComLinQ was founded in 1989 and was one of the first companies to offer prepaid calling cards in 1992. The company is based in Texas and offers state of the art customer service. Some of the services offered through ComLinQ include SKY Phone VOIP service, USA 800 Access, USA 800 Forward, conference calling, wholesale services, calling cards and international calling access.

The calling rates vary depending on the type of services you receive and the country you are calling. ComLinQ’s services have been highly spoken of by people that have used it and they offer several servicing options.

- Various plans to choose from
- Features both United States and international calling options
- SKY Phone service comparable to Vonage and Skype
- Conference Center offers unlimited conference calls at a low rate
- Low rates across various countries

- Must call directly for pricing on wholesale services and calling cards
- Must consult chart to find out what tier and pricing is for each country you might call

- SKY Phone: $10/mo. fee plus 1 cent per minute in US, Canada and Puerto Rico and Tier 1 international cities, 2 cents per minute on Tier 2 international cities, 3 cents per minute on Tier 3 cities
- USA 800 Access: 4 cents per minute on Tier 1 cities including the US, Puerto Rico and Canada, 5 cents per minute on Tier 2 cities and 6 cents per minute on Tier 3 cities
- USA, Canada and all International Local Access: 2 cents per minute in US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Tier 1 cities, 3 cents per minute for Tier 2 cities, 4 cents per minute on Tier 3 cities
- USA 800 Forward: $4/mo. fee, 4 cents per minute for US, Puerto Rico, Canada and Tier 1 cities, 6 cents per minute on Tier 2 cities, calls forwarded to international designations pay regular rates
- International Local Access Forward: $14.99/mo. fee, 2 cents per minute in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Tier 1 cities, 4 cents per minute to Tier 2 cities
- Conference Calling: $10/mo. fee 3 cents per minute when using US, Canada and International local access; unlimited calling
- Wholesale calling: must contact ComLinQ directly for rates
- Calling cards: must contact ComLinQ for rates

- SKY Phone: VOIP calls made over the internet
- International Local Access Forward: calls forwarded from any international city or country to another location, calls forwarded to international destinations
- Conference calling: Unlimited calling at one low per minute rate

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Madge:  Definitely compares to Vonage and I prefer it.
posted on Friday, September 17, 2010

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