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Ribbit's new product Amphibian syncs your mobile phone with the internet.

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Do you have a mobile phone and wish that you could integrate it with the internet? Currently, there is an expanding technology market for just such a purpose. offers a product called Amphibian which allows users to integrate their mobile devices straight to the internet. Amphibian works like VoIP software, but uses the technology to better organize incoming and outgoing phone messages.

The technology lets users manage their mobile voicemail like email. Voicemails can be converted into text and stored online. Voicemails can also be updated and sent back to your mobile device, or shared and searched by others within your private network. The Amphibian software alerts the web browser of any notices, voicemails and missed calls. If you are in business, the software can even be integrated to your Salesforce software to manage incoming leads.

No matter where you are in the world you can manage your phone messages with Ribbit and Amphibian. The application works through any webpage so you don’t have to stop what you are doing online to make a phone call. Definitely take a look at’s Amphibian software if you are looking for web-to-phone message integration.

- Easy to use tools to manage voicemails and text messages
- Instant Web-to-Phone and Phone-to-Web communication
- Make phone calls through any webpage
- Many personalized features
- Caller ID and call routing privacy options
- Consumer and Business Blogs
- Free sign up 

- No indication of price, although sign up is free
- No indication of calling rates

- Free Sign Up (You will be contacted by a representative if application is accepted)
- No indication of pricing options
- No indication of call rates

- Phone to Web Integration
- Phone message management
- Enhanced Visual Voicemail
- Caller ID
- Call Routing
- Speech to Text
- Notifications and Alerts
- Business Salesforce Integration
- Privacy Features
- Personalization tools

- No indication of consumer feedback listed on website
- No negative reviews were found on the web

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