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Now they’ve gone and done it! JAJAH has been labeled a disrupter regarding the dynamics of current telephone communications. They earned the title through their innovative cleverness. All of the hoopla is because users go to the JAJAH website, enter their phone number and the person’s number they want to call. JAJAH then  rings their phone and the call is ready to ring through to the other party. No need for a phone adaptor and no need to download software. Pure simplicity.

This service is often utilized by mobile users, too. Mobile users requested that they be able to access this service directly from their mobile phones while on the go– JAJAH came up with the technology to do just that. Mobile users  do not need to  purchase  a mobile phone from JAJAH, change their number, access a computer or do any of those annoying things. Simply use the mobile plug-in that allows you to access the service from anywhere.

It is important to note that this technology was just introduced in February 2007 and there are still bugs being worked out. For one thing, it doesn’t yet work on all mobile applications. To counter the problem, JAJAH devised a Java platform that enables more mobiles than ever before. To keep things moving, they recently signed a contract with a Japanese mobile phone provider that will feature their services. Given time, JAJAH's mobile capability should become widely-available, much to mobile user’s delight.

- Reasonably priced service
- Affordable international calling rates
- "Call me" button for use on personal or business web pages, including MySpace and Facebook
- Compatible with most mobile phones

- Not compatible with all mobile phones
- Some beta testing continues

This service has already saved customers thousands of dollars on international calling because VoIP international rates apply and calls between themselves and other JAJAH users are free. JAJAH international users notice about a 95% savings over traditional long distance charges. The customer simply pays for the call with a credit card, through Moneybookers or through a bank transfer. You can prepay or pay post-call with an invoice via email.

One of the most innovative features JAJAH has devised is the "call me” button for web pages. By routing the call through JAJAH's platform, your personal number will never be revealed. It can be used on a business site, or on sites such as MySpace and Facebook. This innovation lead JAJAH to devise some nice business features, as well.  These include the ability to add and manage multiple users (set limits and pay from a monthly invoice), or to embed JAJAH functionality on your website that will enable phone-to-phone services from there.

Common Misspellings
ja jah, jaja, jajaw, jajahs

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Sam:  Easy I thought, so ya I agree.
posted on Monday, July 28, 2008

Mike :  The easier the better. I would suggest to anyone that they use JAJAH! What does everyone else think about them?
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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