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Providing Internet phone for more than 10 years.

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SUMMARY is a VoIP provider that offers a new twist on the VoIP industry. The company offers both Internet Phone to Phone service and PC to Phone service. Most companies only offer PC to Phone service to users. rates are reasonable among leaders within the industry. The company offers multiple plans depending on usage and features. Most plans offer free calling of some sort and free calling between members. In most cases actually beats Skype and Vonage on international call prices. (Skype and Vonage are the two largest VoIP providers.)

The company offers 25 distinct features for the VoIP service. Most features are available no matter which plan you may choose. Prices vary depending on plan, but the most basic plan starts at just $6.99 per month. The company can be trusted and contains great customer service and protection from McAfee Hacker Safe. Take a look at iConnectHere.comfor some of the best plan and feature options on the internet for VoIP service.

- Many plan options
- Incredibly low price
- International rates usually beat Skype and Vonage
- Many features
- Many free international countries to choose from
- Good FAQ and customer service
- Trustworthy company

- Difficult to find all pricing options
- Information seems scattered in many different places on website

- Basic Plan:
 - $30 one-time setup fee
 - $30 Signup Bonus
 - $6.99 monthly fee
 - $4.99 one-time shipping fee anywhere in the world
 - Pay as you go minutes at the lowest rates available

- Upgraded Plan:
 -  + 400 International Minutes for only $9.00 more per month
 - + 800 USA/Canada Minutes for only $9.00 more per month
 - World Plan unlimited for only $23.00 more per month

Dozens of unique features, plus those that you've come to rely on with your phone service. iConnectHere offers its customers:
- Keep your Phone Number
- Voice mail from web and phone
- Voice mail notification by email
- Caller ID
- Unlimited in-Network Calling
- 3-Way Calling
- Call Waiting
- Emergency 911 Service
- Real-Time Online Account Management
- PC to Phone (soft client)

- No testimonials on website
- Excellent customer service
- Trustworthy company
- Secure transactions

Common Misspellings
iConnectere, iConecthere, iConnectheir, iConnectThere

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Morgan:  U don't need a big VoIP company in order to get good service. I would take a look at ConnectHere.
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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