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With Voipgo, it's possible to save money on your VoIP Service.

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VoIP is a cost effective way to make long-distance phone calls and save a ton of money on your internet/phone bill. VoIP service has been around for some time now but only recently have changes been implemented to improve service quality. With VoIP users can make phone calls using their internet connection. In the past, call quality was poor and users could not use the internet at the same time as making a call. is a pioneer in the revolutionary changes within the industry. offers 3 plans to users. The first plan is Voipgo Incoming which offers unlimited incoming calls for only $7.95 per month. The second plan and third plans offer Unlimited Voipgo Service which includes both incoming and outgoing calls for only $17.95 per month or $149.95 a year. The service has a number of different features to choose from as well as excellent customer service. also lists their international rates and how they compare with others in the VoIP industry. is relatively cheap compared to other services and offers most of the same features. Check them out today!

- Competitive price
- Many features
- Good customer service
- Lists international rates
- Good sound quality
- Live online chat

- Only 2 plans available
- Yearly price is a bit high

- Voipgo Incoming which offers unlimited incoming calls for only $7.95 per month
- Unlimited Voipgo Service which includes both incoming and outgoing calls for only $17.95 per month or $149.95 a year

- Enhanced Voicemail
- Caller ID
- Call Waiting
- Enhanced Call Forwarding
- 3-Way Calling
- Call Return
- Caller ID Block
- Do Not Disturb
- Call Screening
- Call Hunt
- In Network Calling
- Free Long Distance
- Traveling Features
- Area Code Selection
- Online Control Panel
- Keep Your Number
- Move Your Number
- Virtual Number

- No customer testimonials listed on website

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Review Comments

chris:  I decided to go with voipgo in spite of these warnings.... mistake. they are absurd. excellent communication when I was asking quesiton prior to sign up. after that they ignore me completely. the truth is the connection was good. i can't do business with a company that is this incompetent - they have my credit card number!
posted on Sunday, April 11, 2010

Orangetang:  I signed up with Voipgo back in July 2009 and after three weeks of trying to reach them in regards to setting up the account and getting the device shipped I tried to call and cancel. When you dial the number you will get a recorded message about how they are going through restructuring and that they will not be taking calls for 2 weeks. The message states that the online chat, e-mail and service ticket are alternative ways to contact them. After a few more days, now approaching 1 months time, my credit card was charged for two annual subscriptions and the modem. This was AFTER I contacted them via e-mail AND service ticket for a refund. I contacted my Credit Card company and have tried to contact Voipgo on several occasions since, but they cannot be reached. It took almost two months for my credit card charges to be reversed by the bank. I can only find it comical that a couple of days ago I received an automated e-mail from VOIPGO that I received a voicemail... It's been over 5 months since I signed up, and I havn't once been able to use the service. Sadly VoipGo does not reply to email or service tickets, nor do they provide the online chat. There is literally no way to contact them. When you phone the number on the website it takes you to the SAME message that was recorded in August (it is now January), promising support through the website and only a 2 week hold on phone support. VoipGo is the worst company I have ever encountered. You would be foolish to give them your credit card information. Pass it on! Brutal!
posted on Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dan:  Had Voipgo for 1 months. Not only did they not provide any service at all (I had no phone line at all), once I finally went to another company and ported over my number, Voipgo cancelled my account before I could port over my number, and so I have to get a new one. Lastly, no refund has yet been issued, that was 6 months ago. I contacted the BBB, CRTC, etc., and no one has been able to contact them as well. Stay away from Voipgo unless you are willing to try and take them down. Someone has to. They are a SCAM.
posted on Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rashid:  One of the worst customer service some one can ever imagine. You can not call them, can send them email but you will only get automatic response. It look like people who work with company work here only part time.
posted on Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jeff:  Terrible support! Tried many times to call them and have literaly listened to music on hold for hours... nobody has ever answered! If you send them an email for tech support, you get an automated response back, and if you are very very lucky, you might get a response... I have literally sent at least 25 emails and only ever gotten a response twice. I do not recommend them at all!
posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chris:  I have had VOIPGO for about 4 months....Recently the service has been really reliable. Hasnt gone down and its always available for use. In the beginning it was slow and always disconnected. Finding out your dowload rates and finding whats your bandwith really helped when I found the service disconnected. In dos Promp CMD ping(space)-t(space) showed your Delay Times
posted on Sunday, September 6, 2009

Steve:  Had VoipGo for only 3 weeks now, no problems at all. Easy setup (I had my own ATA), great price, unlimited calls (not like Acanac), good call quality. It's not perfect, but the price is very right.
posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2009

jess:  I've been with VoIPGo for some time. I had 3 lines at one point all on the yearly plan, I got rid of one since my daughter left for college - i didnt seem to have an issue getting the refund, i didnt even ask for it they just sort of gave it. I would recommend as well.
posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2009

John:  I signed a 1 year contract. After 1 month Idecided to cancel due to lack of quality and customer service. I NEVER GOT THE REFUND for the reminding of the year. This is a REAL SCAM
posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cat:  Much better than other companies out there. I recommend them to anyone. Has anyone else used Voipgo?
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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