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iPod Touch: Your Next WiFi Phone?

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

mobile voip service provider truphone announced the availability of their Truphone application for the iPod Touch today. This announcement, which is the latest in a series of announcements out of the company, essentially turns your iPod Touch into a pretty robust WiFi Voip phone or, to coin a new term, a VoIP Smartphone.

With the iPod Touch starting at around $229, when you bundle in the Truphone client, it is actually a vernerable choice if you are in the market for a WiFi voip phone since many of today’s WiFi voip phones are in the $200+ range making this a very interesting play/solution.

I don’t have an iPod Touch so i can’t comment about the application first hand, but I do use Truphone’s service on my iPhone (see my review here) and I have to say that the service has been great. So, if you are an iPod Touch user, or are looking for a WiFi Voip phone, take a hard look at this.

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iPod Touch: Your Next WiFi Phone?

Nokia Ditching Voip?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Nokia Nseries is committed VoIP services as part of its offering. That is why we have included SIP stack and improved the developer VoIP offering in S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 by enhancing the VoIP APIs to improve the call quality, as an example.

A Nokia VoIP client is not included with the Nokia N78 and the Nokia N96 and VoIP solutions based on this particular client such as Gizmo will not work. However, Forum Nokia will cooperate with third-party developers to support them in porting their applications from S60 3.0/3.1 releases to S60 3.2. One example is Fring, whose popular application will be offered via Nokia’s Download! service for the Nokia N96.

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