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V Global

V Global

Low-rate long distance for VoIP users.

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V-Global might be the way to go if you want the affordability of VoIP long distance without the cumbersome, and sometimes unpredictable, world of the VoIP provider.  They offer low-rate long distance accessible through either a normal POTS (plain old telephone system) or cell phone. Equipment is required for landline users, but for the cell phone user, the process is as simple as routing calls via one of the four primary cell numbers. Those numbers are then programmed to tap into the V-Global porting system for VoIP-assisted long distance calling.

Rather than using VoIP-to-PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) technology, V-Global uses PSTN, then VOIP, then PSTN. This means that the last leg of the termination is a local access gateway, which translates into high quality sound.This seems to be the perfect solution to tapping into the lower-priced VoIP technology for long distance calls, while still utilizing your conventional telephone service. 

- No contracts
- Simplicity
- Reliable
- Low long-distance rate, U.S. and international
- Service requires a home phone
- Could be billed twice- by V-Global and local phone carrier

- V-Global will send you their equipment (a simple telephone jack) for $19.99, and will also provide you with $10 of free calling.
- Minutes can be recharged on a schedule, or when your balance reaches a predetermined amount.
- The per minute rate in the United States and Canada is approximately 2 cents per minute and is billed at six second intervals.
- International rates fluctuate, but are as reasonable as any VoIP provider.

V-Global's equipment is simple to use- bring a jack from the wall to the dialer, and a jack from the dialer to your telephone.  The website is user-friendly as well, and whether you need to recharge due to a larger-than-expected volume of calls, or to change your personal information, the web interface is self-explanatory.

Other features include:
- VoIP access from a conventional phone
- 800-numbers
- International mobile calls

Common Misspellings:
V Global, V-Gobal, V-Globel, V Globe

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Review Comments

Jill:  Likewise, It's simple legitimate service that works well. That's all I wanted.
posted on Monday, July 28, 2008

Tommy:  It's not complicated to use and the prices are fair. I like V Global and I'm glad I choose them. What does everyone else think?
posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

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